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Mandated by the architectural firm MORENO in Luxembourg, iLight established in 2018 an original concept adapted to the beautiful architecture of the building.
New head office of the multinational DELOITTE, the architecture imposes itself with the large window open on the Cloche d'Or district near the new mall.
Widely illuminated, this window offers an important visibility. Six high-powered CLAY PAKY projectors can also be used to broadcast messages or thematic images.
The interior street welcomes visitors and distributes the different accesses to the building. Twenty high-powered SHOWTEC motorized lights illuminate the huge volume with a slight and very permanent movement, creating an appealing lighting.
The auditorium is equipped with a very high level BARCO video projection and a BOSE acoustic system particularly adapted to the room.
The meeting rooms are very well equipped for video-conferencing in total comfort.
The Belgian integrator INYTIUM installed and programmed all the technical components for an optimal result.


Deloitte Headquarters





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