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Our Partners

This year, we began collaborating with two well-known lighting brands.

One is Prado, for high-quality technical interior lighting.

The other, Luce & Light, for technical outdoor lighting, offers a more than complete range at the best quality on the market.


We distribute these two brands in the BELUX territory and carry out all high-end projects for them.


With these two partnerships, we can cover all our residential and commercial projects while ensuring reliable, quality lighting.


Prado is a Belgian brand that has quickly become well known and emblematic in the world of high-end technical interior lighting for combining quality lighting with integrated ventilation and motion detectors.


We were approached to extend distribution of their products, and to work jointly on developing in-depth studies for their most conceptual projects, so that we could bring our experience.


Having worked with Luce&Light for many years, and having a strong relationship with them, the distribution of their products for the BELUX market came naturally.


With an extremely wide range of top-of-the-range outdoor lighting, Luce&Light ranks among the best on the market.

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