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From iconic venues to private properties, we enlighten all types of projects around the world. 


iLIGHT is a company of more than 20 years of experience in architectural lighting. From iconic venues to private properties, we enlighten all types of projects around the world.

iLIGHT finds its essence in the world of scenery, when in 1996 Didier Courbe inaugurates a new company - DCD Lighting - in Las Vegas for the "Cirque du Soleil" and Celine Dion's shows. During more than 20 years, iLight will design and equip the finest theaters and operas in the world.

In 2012, iLIGHT is built and its mission is to illuminate the life of private properties, commercial spaces and public areas.

In 2017, his eldest son Jim, joins iLIGHT as a Partner and Lighting Designer. Passionate about lighting concept creation and design, he leads every single project with a customer centric approach where quality always prevails. 

In 2022, Tom, Jim's brother, joins the company and bring with him a strong technical knowledge after a couple years working at Illudesign.


iLight works the same way as an architect.

From our first meeting and all along the project, we work hand in hand with you and use our expertise to artfully construct a tailor-made solution for you. Furthermore, we work collaboratively with specialised workshops and the finest brands to develop custom pieces.

Our philosophy is to make lighting design accessible to all types of places and to various budgets. From residential properties to luxury hotels, we would be delighted to put our passion at the heart of your project.

iLight does not set up the equipments, but we can manage the installation team.

Most of the time, we work with your electrician as a support during the set up.



Didier Courbe


+352 661 428 721


Jim Courbe


+352 621 577 008

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